<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE hawhaw SYSTEM "http://www.hawhaw.de/xml/hawhaw.dtd">
  HAWHAW example for usage of checkboxes (part 2)
  Norbert Huffschmid
  Attention: This XML file uses a server-sided scripting language (here PHP) to
             create dynamic XML output according to the received form input.
             You can use any other server-sided language as well.
             You just have to make sure that valid XML is created and received
             by the HAWHAW proxy.


  $points = 0;

  if (!isset($_REQUEST['c1']) || (strcmp($_REQUEST['c1'], 'c') != 0))	$points += 1;
  else					$comment1 ="You don't go to school yet, do you?";

  if (isset($_REQUEST['c2']) && (strcmp($_REQUEST['c2'], 'c') == 0))	$points += 2;
  else					$comment2 ="Do you know what a circle is?";

  if (isset($_REQUEST['c3']) && (strcmp($_REQUEST['c3'], 'c') == 0))	$points += 3;
  else					$comment3 ="Have you heard about squares and roots?";

  <deck title="Example 4" align="center">
    <?php if ($points > 0): ?> <text underline="yes">Congratulations!</text>
    <?php else: ?> <text>Hmmmh, ...</text>
    <?php endif; ?>

    <text>You reached <?php echo $points; ?> from 6 points.</text>

    <?php if ($points == 6): ?><text>You seem to be a genius!</text><?php endif; ?>
    <?php if (isset($comment3)) echo "<text>$comment3</text>\n";
          if (isset($comment2)) echo "<text>$comment2</text>\n";
          if (isset($comment1)) echo "<text>$comment1</text>\n";