<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE hawhaw SYSTEM "http://www.hawhaw.de/xml/hawhaw.dtd">
  HAWHAW XML demo (part 1)
  Norbert Huffschmid

  <!-- Here we define a deck named "Demo" where all content should be centered
       After 10 seconds a redirection to the second part will take place -->
  <deck title="Demo" align="center" redirection="10; URL=http://www.hawhaw.de/xml/e/demo_b.xml">

    <!-- Let's say 'Hello' with bold big characters
         make 2 line breaks before next output will appear -->
    <text bold="yes" big="yes" br="2">Welcome to HAWHAW!</text>

    <!-- and some more text ... -->
    <text>Please scroll through the examples to see what HAWHAW can do for you!</text>

    <!-- in case that the device does not support redirection:
         ... we define a link additionally -->
    <a href="http://www.hawhaw.de/xml/e/demo_b.xml" title="Start">
      <!-- for voice users some additional instructions might be helpful -->
        Please say continue to continue, or wait a little bit until you are forwarded automatically.