<%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="HawhawPage" %>
<%@ Register Assembly="Hawhaw" Namespace="Hawhaw" TagPrefix="Haw" %>

        HAWHAW example to show different text formats
        Norbert Huffschmid

<Haw:Deck runat="server" Title="Example 1" Simulator="Skin">

    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="Some text formats" ForeColor="Yellow" BackColor="#889988" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="This is bold" Bold="True" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="This is italic" Italic="True" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="Underlined" Underline="True" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="BIG" Big="True" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="and very small" Small="True" />
    <Haw:HorizontalRule runat="server" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="And now a little bit of all" Bold="True" Underline="True" Italic="True" />