<%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="HawhawPage" %>
<%@ Register Assembly="Hawhaw" Namespace="Hawhaw" TagPrefix="Haw" %>

        HAWHAW demo
        Norbert Huffschmid

<script runat="server">

    protected void Page_Load()
        string pass = Page.Request.QueryString["pass"];

        // select visible deck
        if (pass == null)
            LinkList.Visible = false;
            Intro.Visible = false;

<Haw:Deck ID="Intro" runat="server" Title="Demo" Simulator="Skin" HorizontalAlign="Center" RedirectionUrl="demo.aspx?pass=2" RedirectionTimeout="10">

    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="Welcome to HAWHAW!" Bold="True" Big="True" LineBreaks="2" />
    <Haw:Label runat="server" Text="Please scroll through the examples to see what HAWHAW can do for you!" />
    <Haw:Link  runat="server" NavigateUrl="demo.aspx?pass=2" Text="Continue" Title="Start">
        <!-- for voice users some additional instructions might be helpful -->
        <Haw:VoiceText runat="server" Text="Please say continue to continue, or wait a little bit until you are forwarded automatically." />

<Haw:Deck ID="LinkList" runat="server" Title="Demo" Simulator="Skin" HorizontalAlign="Center">

    <Haw:LinkSet runat="server">
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e1.aspx" Text="Example 1" Title="Formats" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e2.aspx" Text="Example 2" Title="Input" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e3.aspx" Text="Example 3" Title="Radio" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e4.aspx" Text="Example 4" Title="Checkbox" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e5.aspx" Text="Example 5" Title="Select" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e6.aspx" Text="Example 6" Title="Images" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e7.aspx" Text="Example 7" Title="Tables" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e8.aspx" Text="Example 8" Title="HTML" />
        <Haw:Link runat="server" NavigateUrl="e9.aspx" Text="Example 9" Title="Call" />
        <Haw:VoiceText runat="server" Text="You can select an example by pressing the according dial button on your phone." />